I am very excited to announce the release of my new book. If you would like a copy please visit my shop page.

Finally, an easy and comprehensive reference book of chords for the accordionist!

This indispensable book is an exhaustive source of reference for the accordionist looking to expand the range of chords available to them on their instrument.

For years accordionists have felt constrained by a minimal selection of just four simple chords, making them unable to realise songs fully, instead being forced to simplify the harmony. Here Murray shows us how, by combining chords, it is possible to create a vast array of different chords, increasing immensely the harmonic pallet available.

Organised by key, every chord you could possibly need is here, from the simple to the most complex. With over 500 chords, shown in both tablature and notation, you will at last be able to unlock the full potential of your accordion.

Designed for 120 bass accordions; some chords not suitable for smaller keyboards.

Here is the first video from last weeks filming shoot.


A lament for the ecology we are losing.

The nightingale here stands for all the species losing their habitats.

Thank you to Sam Lee for inspiring the idea for this folk tone poem and music.

The improv folk duo The Ciderhouse Rebellion – master accordionist Murray Grainger and ‘Paganini of the folk world’ fiddle player Adam Summerhayes – join with Adam’s daughter Jessie Summerhayes to form a trio – Words of a Fiddler’s Daughter



As the weather has started to improve, this week we are taking advantage of the sunshine and are heading out into the countryside for some filming.

If everything runs to plan there will be new tracks from both the Ciderhouse Rebellion and Words of a Fiddler’s Daughter filmed in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside! Obviously we will be obeying all relevant social distancing procedures but it will still be great to be making music together.Watch this space to see the videos as soon as they are ready.