Salmon Tails: The Ciderhouse Rebellion InCider Sessions – Adam Summerhayes & Murray Grainger

Fifty miles apart and connected only by a cracking landline, each instrument recorded where it was played. The InCider Sessions video broadcasts and the subsequent CD release represent a refusal by master accordionist Murray Grainger and fiddle player Adam Summerhayes to let the potential to connect musically with each other, and the world, be wiped out during lockdown. Salmon Tails is a traditional dance tune as never played before – cheerful and uplifting. Murray didn’t know what tune Adam had in mind to play until he heard the gentle opening lines metamorphosise into the first lines of the melody. The resulting music is truly created in the moment – from one county to another, connected only by a landline telephone. Salmon Tails is track 2 on The Ciderhouse Rebellion’s second album release (out May 13th 2020) The InCider Sessions CD. Purchase here Two virtuoso musicians playing some of the most startling and original music you will ever encounter. Compelling, exciting and utterly original” Phil Beer “Gorgeous stuff” BBC Radio 3 “A work of startling, immediate beauty” Folk Radio UK “It could justifiably be described as a folk symphony.” Fatea Magazine “Atmospheric and genuinely soulful … born of the folk traditions … instinctive feel … empathy and craftsmanship … superlative performers.” RnR Magazine

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